How To Plan Your Wedding Reception

This is a continued series where my sweet friend looks back on her wedding day and offers advice to brides who are planning their special day. With every wedding I photograph in the Birmingham area, I’m reminded so much about how the day is truly a celebration for you and your partner. If you missed some of the other topics in this series, then go back and take a look at some of her valuable advice.

Now on to today’s post where my friend talks about what events you should plan for your wedding reception.

I love that anything goes with weddings these days. The bride (and groom) can customize the day to their liking.

Don’t like cake? Have pie, cookies, or donuts.  

Traditional or personalized vows? Either works!

Don’t like to dance in front of people? Skip the first dance.

But what about the bouquet toss and/or garter toss?

Some brides and grooms love this tradition, and I think that’s wonderful!  Embrace that and plan it into your reception.

Personally, it wasn’t for me….or my husband. I remember my husband saying that he didn’t need everyone watching as he went for my garter (which I actually never had one) and jokingly pulled out a giant pair of underwear.  He just wasn’t into it, and I was in the same page.

As a wedding guest, I also wasn’t a fan of the bouquet toss.  When attending a wedding, I would participate but didn’t enjoy it. Maybe it’s because I was putting too much weight on the outcome of it.  Maybe it was because I was conscious of my age and the fact that I wasn’t married yet.  For some reason, it wasn’t my jam.

So as you may guess, we decided against both tosses. It was an easy decision for us.

However, we did do the first dance.  We went the traditional route on the vows.  And we did have cake….and ice cream!  Although, we only tasted the cake as bride and groom responsibilities pulled us away from enjoying more.

And in case you’re wondering, what events did my husband and I have at our wedding reception. We had one event–eating!!! This is truly an event for us. We catered really good food and beverages and enjoyed some awesome time with our family and friends. In a spontaneous moment, we did smash cake in each other’s faces followed by our ring bearer smashing cake in his face. Too cute, right. Such fun to look back at these memories. Overall, I am happy to help you organize your evening and photograph all the wonderful moments of your reception. 

So how will you customize your reception to your liking?

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