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A Mistake to Avoid When Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

One of my favorite parts of wedding photography is building a relationship with my couples. Throughout the wedding planning process, I keep myself available to my brides for whatever questions they may have. Usually, during these conversations, my mind will turn sentimental and I’ll think about all the wonderful memories of my journey to the wedding day. It is a real journey to plan a wedding. In a continued series of wedding day memories, I’ve asked one of my friends to share some of the memories of her wedding planning. Here are some of her thoughts about choosing the right bridesmaid’s dress.

Bridesmaids dresses!  Finding the perfect dress or dresses for Team Bride!  

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I wanted three bridesmaids.  My husband wanted five groomsmen.  We compromised with having four on each side.

Four women: different shapes, sizes, and ages. And I was focused on finding one dress that flattered them all. What kind of stress was I putting on myself?!?

I had already found my wedding gown so that major task had a nice check mark next to it. Now it was time for more shopping!

I remember being so excited about the dress shopping for my maids…..until it took multiple stores… multiple dresses….and me making a decision.  It was more stressful than I realized it would be

If I were to do it over again, I would definitely do it differently.  I guess that’s the wonderful thing about hindsight.  

My wedding was taking on a shabby chic country feel and I wanted to find a dress for my gals that went along with that.  I wanted the style, cut, color to also be flattering on each of them. Not only for my bridal party to have a certain look but because they were each paying for them and I wanted it to be worth their money.  

The dress was found. It looked wonderful on them!  Accessories, shoes, dress…the ensemble was complete.

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So what would I do differently?

I would give the dress responsibility to each maid. I’d let them know the color and even provide a swatch for them to match.  They would get to pick a dress that’s their personal style and in a price range they were each comfortable with.  Perhaps it would even be a dress that they could wear at another event.  It would definitely allow each bridesmaid to shine individually.  

Here’s what I do know….my bridesmaids were there for me, in celebration of me, and in support of me and my wedding/marriage.

Wearing the dress, enjoying the day, and smiling for the photos.

And yours will be too.

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