Wedding Day Memories: Perfume

As a wedding photographer, I have a lot of knowledge about the ins and outs of a wedding day. I wear many hats on a wedding day and overall I just want to be there for you while creating some amazing memories of your day. It’s so fun to hear all the personal touches each bride brings to her wedding day. I’ve asked one of my sweet friends to share some memories from her wedding day. Enjoy!

A little over four years ago I was busy planning my March wedding. In the busyness of the planning, sending out invitations, the creating centerpieces, I took a step back one day to focus on me. My goal for the day was to find a special perfume to wear on my wedding day. As much as I love the scent I wear on a daily basis, I didn’t want to resort to wearing my “normal” perfume. This was a day I had been waiting for and I wanted something special for myself.

Yes, the bride gets the wedding gown, veil, shoes, etc, but generally, those are a one wear type of thing.
I wanted something that would take me back to my wedding day. A scent that would trigger the memories.

Smells can be a powerful thing that brings back a flood of memories.
The smell of your parents or grandparents home.
Smelling your favorite meal.
How your groom to be smells when he comes to take you out on a date.

Now when I wear the perfume it takes me back to that March day, and I’m filled with the love and joy that day brought.

What perfume or scent will you be wearing on your special day?

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